Me and My Little Helper….

My daughters three and yes she has a toy tool bench and all the toy tools a little aspiring carpenter could need. She loves helping daddy build stuff and always wants to get involved. I find it so funny watching her mimic me, if like me you have a little helper you will appreciate the sheer joy they bring at this age.

We hung some wardrobe doors recently in our bedroom, and my little girl was on hand with her drill itching to get involved. I don’t expect her fascination with carpentry will be everlasting but I think her getting involved and seeing how things are put together offers a whole host of advantages.

She’s a very clever little girl for her age and has  a wild sense of intrigue, always wanting to know what’s this, what’s that or how does that work. She has been out everyday with me on the Wendy house build and I really love the fact that rather than just buying a Wendy house for her she has watched it and helped it evolve from nothing but a picture.

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