An Awkward Space, Is Not Always A Wasted Space……

Sometimes getting a room to accommodate your storage needs is not always as straight forward as picking out a bog standard wardrobe and simply standing it in place.

A whole host of issues can hinder your plans for a workable storage solution, that said with some clever and creative thought you can overcome this.

A typical problem maybe a slopping ceiling, this was an issue I faced in the project below. A traditional wardrobe would not stand up in the space, so I had to create a bespoke set of wardrobes that are designed and made to fit seamlessly into the space.

By using MDF panels I was able to template the space and cut the side panels on site to the exact angle of the ceiling. I then stood all the proposed side panels in place, and once I was happy with the exact layout I took all the relevant measurements to complete the wardrobes at my workshop. Add additional items, such as drawers, mirrors, paint finish (as per the images). You can now be confident that when it comes to installing your wardrobes they will fit perfectly!

wardrobe 1Wardrobe 2wardrobe 3wardrobe 4wardrobe 5wardrobe 8wardrobe 6wardrobe 7

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