I Cant See The Vision….

I seem to have a knack or more of an obsession/passion to see an opportunity in every inch of our house and utilise it. I see a space or something clever on TV and my mind starts working overtime.

I’ll set about planning my presentation for the wife and only when I’ve crossed all t’s and dotted all the I’d will I present it to her.

Don’t get me wrong she has the vision in abundance (unlike the title suggests) she just cant commit to it, without that is. Seeing a sketched up 3D all singing all dancing plan first.

This might sound a bit weird, but genuinely if I want my crusade to go forth and conquer then ill always take the time to do a sketch and show my ideas and plans.

Hand on heart it hasn’t failed me yet, I always get a very quiet and defeated “ok that looks good, proceed”.

whenever I’m asked to make something for someone, I always draw it for them first and say is this what you was imagining or how you envisaged it to look like.

Drawings a great tool to present your vision and whether your good at drawing or not it will always offer a better understanding of the project and what your trying to achieve than words can.

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