Tooled Up!

A very good friend of mine and a novice DIY’er, recently confided in me abiut his longing to find his inner practical ability. Hes not known for his ability with a hammer but rather his ability with numbers.

But don’t let this analytical exterior fool you, somewhere lurking under all that number crunching is a Tommy or Norm itching to get out. He felt ready to take the next step on his quest to conquer the DIY world and asked me what tools he should buy. As a beginner, I told him to keep it simple, start with hand tools such as:

A Hammer

A Panel Saw & Tennon Saw

A Square

A Tape Measure

A Set of screwdrivers etc

A good tip is to keep your eyes open at boot fairs, you can always pick up a great bargain at a boot fair and a boot fair is a haven for great tools.

You often find little gems at boot fairs or garage sales, tools that have been lovingly used and cared for.

Happy tool hunting!!

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