To create or to buy??

Remember that film with Kevin Costner (A field of dreams) and the classic line “if you build it, they will come”. 

I like to think I share a similar phillosophy as KC “if I build it, It will last”. 

Me and my wife are forever caught up in a back and forward debate while out browsing the local DIY/home stores. 

Wife: Oh I like that, that’s what we need.

Husband: I could make that.

Wife: But I’ll be waiting for ages, you’ll never get round to it.

Husband: This thing will fall to bits after two minutes!

And so the debate continues, culminating in a simple agree to disagree conclusion.

I can imagine this scenario is a common occurrence amongst all you DadMade DIY enthusiasts. In my opinion if you feel confident in your ability to reproduce an item you have seen, then generally you should explore your own creative desires before putting your hand in your pocket to pay over the odds for something you know won’t last!

Unfortunately these days nothing is built to last in fact it’s built to do the complete opposite. When your manufacturing these units on a massive scale it’s all about quantity. 

Time is always an issue and finding the time to build these items is hard, the temptation of a quick and easy fix can be overwhelming but stay strong and always believe in your ability and creativity.

if you build it, it will last!!

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