Norm V Tommy!


Round 1 – Workshop Wars

While Tommy maybe a home grown product of our televised building heritage and the head honcho of the white van man revolution, it takes someone of an exceptional calibre to be considered in the same breath as Mr Norm Abram.

That said he is the closet thing we have to Norm and ultimately the only real contender on our side of the pond.

A mans workshop is a mans castle and if you’re going to build a castle, you better kit it out with a treasure trove of boys toys to cater for every project.

Tommy touched briefly on the creation of a bespoke workshop (and was maybe a little ambitious with the name) with his show Tommy’s Ultimate Workshop, unfortunately Norm and his New Yankee Workshop are in another league.

Norm’s clever layout combined with his never ending homemade selection of jigs, gives Norm the upper hand and its a clear win to big Norm in round one.

Check out the New Yankee Workshop @ 


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