I’ll just build her a Wendy House…….

Soooooo, our friends brought their daughter a Wendy House from a well known outlet store. It was plastic, small and relatively expensive. My first and only reaction as I stood baffled in their garden by this poor attempt at a Wendy House was to kick Wendy House ass and go big (I’m talking planning permission big).

After the initial light bulb moment and a few constructive chats with Mrs DadMade I scaled down the planned two storey concept to a more refined one storey cottage.

And so the Wendy House project was born!


Stay tuned for the how and a step by step guide!



The first step in the construction process was to create a solid base for the house to sit on. The size of your base will obviously determined the overall size and space you’re Wendy House will occupy in your garden (tread carefully here, as you can get yourself in deep water with the Mrs if you get to carried away). My base is 2400mm x 1600mm and is ample, we still have a garden and I’m still married!

To create the base I simply used 4×2 softwood timbers and made a rectangular frame with supporting cross members/joists. I then simply clad one side in two sheets of 18mm ply to create a strong and rigid floor. I sat my base directly onto the floor and levelled up accordingly, there’s no need for footings (remember its only a Wendy House).

You must! – Insure you level up the base.  


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